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Life Choice PRC relies on the continued support from our caring community.

Our Mission

Life Choice Inc. AKA Choices Women’s Center is a Christ centered ministry focused on meeting the needs of women and their partners who have found themselves amid an unplanned pregnancy. As our goal is to save the lives of babies, we know we cannot do that without first loving mom and giving her hope. When mom begins to have hope for her life, she can then have hope for the life of her baby.

At Life Choice, we recognize that women have a right to make their own decisions about the outcome of their pregnancy and their sexual health. We are here to help women and their partners make informed and thoughtful decisions regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, income, and living situation.

When you are a supporter of Life Choice Inc. you help us at Choices Women’s Center love, support, and inform women and their partners so that they walk away from every visit knowing:

– they have time
– they are not alone
– they have life affirming choices for themselves and their baby

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Did You Know?

Through both major media outlets and social media, our culture is flooded with misinformation and outright lies about abortion. Whether the truth is encouraging to our pro-life sensibilities or not, it is important for us to know. We hope these excerpts help you to pray and to speak up for the unborn and for women in general.

At Risk to Thriving

“It is always so peaceful here when I come, out there in the world is so busy and loud. I struggle with PTSD, so I appreciate the calm & peace.”

~ Client Seeking Pregnancy Guidance

“Thank you for being non-judgmental and giving information based on facts not opinions.”

~ Client Seeking An Abortion

“My marriage is stronger. I am more confident around people and do not feel all of the guilt and shame I had coming in. Thank you so much!”

~ Post Abortion Recovery Client